A generalized equation of state with an application to the Earth’s Mantle

J. A. Robles-Gutiérrez, J. M. A. Robles-Domínguez, C. Lomnitz


This study analizes the pertinency of including in the state equation of Kamerlingh-Onnes, non additive, potentials of multiple-interactiions of particles. These forces are indeed real and of a electrodinamic character. From the state equation no gerenalized, we obtained the isotherms in the vecinity of the critical point, and of the triple point for polar (or no polar) systems. We developed the example of water. We generalized the state equation for the mantle developed by Birch, and in particular, we obtained the isothermal compressibiliy for the earth mantle. We present, the forms that, under this generalization assume several laws of classical mechanism and electrodinamics.


Equation of state; phases; non-additive energies; additive binary energies; isotherms; isothermic compressibility

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/igeof.00167169p.2010.49.2.115


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