A comparison of direct observations of velocity and transport in the Windward Passage

Sergey N. Bulgakov, Nikolay P. Bulgakov, Vitaly A. Ivanov


Velocity and water transport through the Windward Passage is estimated from a review of prior investigations and a new analysis of mooring observations conducted on February, 18, 1965 and November, 19-23, 1970 in the former USSR. These may be the only available direct velocity measurements in this area. Direct current measurements indicate a transport of about 8 Sv ± 4 Sv into the Caribbean sea, which is consistent with values estimated by other authors. The transport figure based on November, 19- 23, 1970 data is interpreted as a surface outflow of 0.8 Sv in the upper 100 m, a mid-depth inflow of 10.7 Sv in the 100-700 m layer, and an outflow of 2.0 Sv below 700 m. The general current-countercurrent flow system of the upper 200 m in Windward Passage compares satisfactorily with recent ADCP observations in the Great Inagua Passage.


Windward Passage, current measurements, data comparison.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/igeof.00167169p.2003.42.1.365


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