A comparative analysis between transient electromagnetic soundings and resistivity soundings in the Tres Virgenes geothermal zone, Mexico

Carlos Flores, Néctor Velasco


Geothermal zones in volcanic areas are characterized by rough topographic relief and variable shallow resistivities representedby hotsprings, modern and fossil hydrothermally altered zones, and by the presence of different episodes of lavic and explosivevolcanism. We examine the performance of in-loop transient electromagnetic (TEM) and vertical electric soundings (VES) in ageothermal area with these characteristics. The inversion of 62 VES and 55 TEM soundings results in similar average stratifiedmodels. However, model assessment using the singular value decomposition method show that the TEM soundings possess ahigher resolving power. Higher data redundancy, better data quality, less sensitivity to topographic and near-surface inhomogeneities,and less sensitivity to equivalence problems associated with thin conductive layers are contributing factors to the superiorperformance of the TEM method.


Geophysical exploration methods, transient electromagnetic and resistivity soundings, geothermal zone.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/igeof.00167169p.1998.37.3.389


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